Sunday, March 8, 2009


Welcome to The Purple Carrot!

Welcome to The Purple Carrot, “where the art of real food grows”!

To quickly sum it up, we’re a food blog with a healthy twist.

What will you find at The Purple Carrot?

  • Food.  The Purple Carrot is dedicated to quality, sustainable food both local and organic. That being said, we love food, and we love to eat it. This involves a lot of time and fun in the kitchen at home, as well as dining out.
  • Health.  My basic health motto is “eat close to the ground and move”.
  • Kansas City.  As a Kansas City based  blog, we like to brag about all the good things happening here in KC, both inside the food scene and out.
  • Originally Organic Vending. In January of 2010, my husband Erik and I started Originally Organic Vending, a health food vending company serving in and around Kansas City.

Thanks for reading!

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Welcome to our life, and thanks again for stopping by!!



  1. LOVE this!! So nice to learn more about you, Lesley!!

  2. Way to go lady! This is so encouraging. I am struggling to lose 15 pounds and go to the gym regularly. It's so hard to do it alone!
    I wish my husband were my trainer ;) That's awesome.
    I can't wait for more healthy recipes from you, I'm trying your mahi mahi recipe tonight!
    Have a great day!

  3. I heart you, Lesley!! You are awesome!

  4. Hey! I'm glad you commented on my blog today, so that I could find yours! I think it's wonderful that you are finding joy and happiness in the life you are living now! I look forward to reading more :)

  5. Aw, I love this story!! Your husband sounds like a sweetie :)

  6. Hi Lesley, just wanted to say thanks for checking out my blog! I like yours!

  7. just found your blog- its awesome :) just started my own, so check it out! can't wait to read more of yours!!!

  8. Hey Lesley! Just found your blog ... I love it! I'm excited to follow your healthy living adventures. :)

  9. Glad I found your blog. It's nice to see other women out there not afraid of weight lifting!

  10. hi there!! i was clicking around and came across your blog! i just started myself and am still getting the hang of blogging and what i want mine to be. i look forward to reading your posts and hopefully getting to know each other a little better:)

  11. Hi Lesley! Glad I came across your blog. I just recently moved to Lawrence, KS which is about 30 min away from KC. I've already told my fiance' about some of the cool places you've mentioned on your blog that we'll have to visit. I'm really diggin' the First Fridays!

  12. Wow - you and your hubby have done so well for yourself!

    All I know about Kansas is the Royals ball team...are they still there?! ;)

    Oh my gosh...uh, if your ever hiring - let me know! Of course, I'd have to move...but y'know! :)

  13. Hi Lesley! I just found your blog and I am also a Kansas City blogger! I am looking forward to getting caught up on your blog and following along.

  14. Randomly found your blog while looking for quinoa/ sweet potato recipes on FindingVegan. I grew up in KC, currently reside in Lawrence. So glad I found this site! Its great to see someone from my hometown reppin' the Vegan lifestyle. Your story and business are very inspiring. I always had the idea to start a local/ organic based/ vegan "fast food" restaurant. Congratulations on your success!


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