Monday, August 31, 2009

Stevia in the Raw

As you know from this post, I recently connected with Stevia in the Raw via Twitter and they were nice enough to send me a sample. Picture 349

I currently use Truvia as my sweetener of choice but I’m certainly not against changing that if something better were to come along. I also don’t love that along with Cargill, Coca-Cola is the maker of Truvia. There is also debate on the erythritol found in it.

Back to Stevia in the Raw … I first used it in a giant protein powder oatmeal pancake. (Lessened the recipe a bit but still a large, delicious pancake topped with some agave nectar and almond milk).Picture 286

I had this same pancake a week ago with Truvia and this weekend with Stevia in the Raw. In the pancake, I really noticed no difference.

Next, I had Stevia in the Raw in my normal cup of morning tea (2ish packets).Picture 371

Tea drinking is where most of my sweetener consumption happens, so this is the most critical for me in comparing sweeteners.

And finally, another important one … the sweetener in my morning oatmeal. As with the tea, I did notice a difference and it was a good one!

My husband and I agree with the results and here they are …

We like Stevia in the Raw more than Truvia.


  • Stevia in the Raw is sweeter than Truvia (that’s a good thing since it’s sweetener and all ; )
  • It’s not “gross” stevia as some stevia, in my opinion can be
  • It tastes more “real” than Truvia
  • The packet sizes are normal sweetener sizes, whereas Truvia packets seem large (okay, so that’s not a huge deal, but it’s a weird reason I like Stevia in the Raw better)


One con is that I’m pretty sure Stevia in the Raw is pricier than Truvia. I’ll have to check and see how much it is at my grocery store and that’ll probably be a big factor in whether we officially make the switch or not.

Anyways, there are our Stevia in the Raw thoughts. Thanks for the sample, Stevia in the Raw!! : )

Do you use a sweetener besides sugar? If so, what kind?




  1. I was using Truvia but then NuNaturals sent me a whole box of samples and so far I like it better. Truvia tasted salty to me!

  2. I really like honey, so I use that in drinks. I always mess up and use too much artificial sweeteners! truvia and stevia...I get confuse. I need to start on research. glad you posted this info Lesley.

  3. My mom is a Stevia Fan - Me, not so much.

  4. i used to use a sweetener - but i've tried to refrain from splenda for a while. i tried switching to stevia but couldn't stand the aftertaste.

  5. Ugh! I am still trying to kick an artificial sweetener habit! I use Truvia most of the time but, I may switch it up now. ;)

  6. I am more of a sugar in the raw person! But Thanks for the info, cuz my husband is a Truvia fan and this new product can be seen , if the price is right!

  7. I REALLY want to try this- thank you for the review! I've tried Truvia and wasn't a big fan of the taste! I will be on the lookout for this product!

  8. I use stevia, but I wasn't even aware they had stevia in the raw. I really want to try it, now the search begins!

  9. Thanks for the review of Stevia in the raw! I use Purevia, and Splenda, but am not against Truvia or Stevia in the raw. I think they are all very similar, and as I've learned recently they are just make from a different part of the Stevia plant. I just don't use sweeteners, other than honey or sugar, in anything other than my cereal and sometimes drinks. I like Purevia a lot, but I will buy whatever is cheaper!

  10. I really want to try Stevia so badly! Thanks for the review, girl. :-)

  11. love that you're whipping out the christmas mugs already :)

    i am dying to try stevia -- i am an avid truvia user nowwww.

  12. I haven't tried the stevia that is in health food stores. My guess is it's probably gross. But, I have been using splenda for about the last 5 years and have been paying attention to the debate over the possible health issues which are being studied about it. I love the taste of splenda, but am looking for a more natural solution. I tried Truvia (purchased for about $8 for 100 packets), and tried to replace it in my coffee for my splenda, but it just wasn't working. It did have a little bit of a chemical or metalic taste to me. I just finished the 100 packets and it still hasn't grown on me, I don't think I will buy it again. This weekend, I saw Stevia in the Raw on the shelf at my local Pathmark ($3.59 for 50 packets) and decided to give it a shot. I am absolutely thrilled with it. It's not gross like I exprect the health food store version to be and it's sweet like splenda but not as fake looking. I think we've got a winner here guys. And the price is not bad. I hope they come out with it in loose form instead of the packets. The paper packets seem like unnecessary and not environmentally friendly when you are using it at home.

    Also there is a coupon on the stevia in the raw website for 40 cents off. check it out!

  13. I bought Stevia in the Raw and loved it! Truvia has an additive and it is much much more expensive. Trouble is, I'll have to track down the former as I can't find it at Amish Market anymore. Maybe Whole Foods??

  14. Have you guys tried SweetLeaf stevia? It's my favorite kind of Stevia by far! They're actually having a promotion on their website right now where you can try two free packets and get a 25% discount coupon:

  15. stevia in the raw is like salt
    couldn't eat my oatmeal this morning
    tried adding sugar to make it eadible
    didn't work - ? ? dogs liked it . . .

  16. sweet leaf stevia is the best. I buy the liquid for my tea! its a must for anyone wanting to eat and drink healtier. Walmart sells it by the packets in the pharmacy vitamin area, but I buy my liquid stevia at A to Z downtown saint joseph! :)
    One little drop goes a looong ways. :)


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