Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Westside Local

Hello: )

How was your weekend?? Ours has been good and what’s even better is that I have a three day weekend ; )

I got a package last week from NuNaturals and am looking forward to using it! I first tried NuNaturals products back in October when they send me some samples. I especially liked their liquid vanilla stevia … it goes great in oatmeal!A

After church, Erik and I spent our Sunday in Kansas City.

Before we headed home, we stopped and ate at The Westside Local for dinner.

It’s located almost right across the street from another local KC restaurant that I’ve blogged about, Blue Bird.DCCCC

While waiting for our food, we took a lot of pictures.A AAAAAA

The Westside Local was cute, inviting and quaint. We sat right by the window and could feel a nice breeze from outside while soaking up the sun. Perfect!

Erik decided on the Summit Burger (made with local grass fed beef) with a side salad. It sounded so good that I got the exact same thing.CC

Turns out, I made the right decision ; ) We both thought it was really good and would definitely order it again.

The Westside Local on Urbanspoon


I’m now excited for Monday because I’m off work and get to go stock the vending machines with Erik.

I’ll leave you with Adrian, Bubba and Rocky (unpictured) saying “hi!” : )AAAAA



  1. Great photos - looks like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!

  2. Good luck stocking your vending machines!

  3. Hoory for nunaturals! Their stevia packets are my favorite (stevia in the raw is my second). Glad you guys had a nice lunch. Josh and I LOVE modern design! That house is like our ideal

  4. Oo I've always wanted to try NuNaturals!!

    Love the looks of that burger--cute you both got the same!!

  5. What a great Sunday!! You and Eric are always finding the best Local restaurants in the city. This makes me want to visit KC, for the food, and to meet you of course! ;)

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  6. Hey girl - I just got the NuNaturals baking and liquid vanilla flavor. I wasn't sure exactly how to use the vanilla, but oatmeal is perfect. That restaurant looks so fun. Glad you had a great weekend!

    great, GREAT photos!! I LOVE salmon burgers! im still obsessed w. yo hair :)

  8. Your dogs are sooo amazingly sweet!
    How is the vending machine business going?? At the kids responding to it well??

    Hope you are good girl!!


  9. Pretty pics!
    I can't believe you found grass-fed beef in a restaurant. I wish they had places like that where I live :(

  10. Girl, I LOVE that 2nd picture of you, with you looking look gorgeous! Well, you always do, but that one really particularly struck out your lovely eyes!

  11. Love your photographs!!! I really love the dogs:) So cute~~

  12. I love downtown, your pictures are really good. Makes me wanna make a little trip out.


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