Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kona Grill

We spent our Sunday afternoon in Kansas City, as we had to go to Costco.

I stole some Pirate’s Booty out of Erik’s Originally Organic Vending van for an on-the-way-to-KC snack.  I like this kind, probably one of my favorites.


Kona Grill

We decided on Kona Grill for dinner.  We haven’t had sushi in awhile and Kona Grill is normally where we go to get our sushi fix. C


It may be boring and simple, but I don’t ever seem to go wrong with California rolls so that’s what I got. And guess what? I loved them! Ha. Erik got spicy tuna and California rolls.


Along with our rolls, we split an asparagus salad.  I absolutely love their asparagus salad, such good flavor in every bite! Yum!!! We tend to get that salad every time we’re there because it never disappoints.


Kona got an A+ for us tonight! 

Kona Grill on Urbanspoon

After dinner, we strolled around the Plaza and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the fact that I don’t have to work on Monday ; )B


Tomorrow’s day-off agenda … back to Kansas City to stock the vending machines with Erik … yay!



  1. Hey darling! It's been awhile but I am so glad to hear from you. I love your weekend trips into the city and Kona Grill always makes my mouth water.

    Good luck on planning the bridal shower. Hmmm, some of my favorite games at mine were "How well do you know your Groom" and "Pin the Tail on the Bride." My sister did another one where we had to go around and sniff different spices and then guess what they were. Not really sure how that fit in but it was fun! ;)

    Take care sweetheart!

  2. Sounds like a great Sunday. As for shower recipes, the simpler the better, like cream cheese (I always use low or no fat even) topped with either salsa or a jam served with crackers. Spinach Artichoke Dip is always a hit.

  3. Hey pretty lady! What a nice time ya'll had in KC! The asparagus salad looks fantastic!!!!!! And you are looking slammin! Nice work. In terms of the bridal shower: 1. Games- gotta do the toilet paper bride game. So much fun. 2. favors- my MIL had everyone send in a recipe and then she made little cookbooks for everyone as favors using the recipes and she made a nice bond version for me. 3. aps= homemade hummus (broccoli hut has the best recipes) and veggies, cool whip fruit dip (tub of cool whip mixed with 1 fruity yogurt)- easy and awesome, rhodey girl tests zaatar bread (all of my friends are making this now). Email me if you want more ideas...I have a trillion ;)

  4. Crazy lat spread, looking ready for your fitness thing! I love that picture our social classes are so divided, it's truly sad.

  5. hahaha you and eric with your posing are too cute, though! but if i looked that great, i'd be posing all the time, too! xo

  6. I like your pose. I go through sushi epsisodes too, once I have some Im wanting it at least once a week for a couple weeks.

  7. Ha, lat flexing! I don't even know if I have lats TO flex. I should try it sometime, preferably when I'm out on a lovely evening, post-sushi walk. I hear that's what the cool kids are doing these days.

  8. oh gawsh. Erica stole the show. I can't top her suggestions. Just email that woman. LOL!

  9. Hi Lesley!

    It's so funny, the architecture/design firm I work at designed that very Kona Grill you ate at! 2 of my friends picked out all the fixtures, tile, sinks, everything! I'm glad you liked it!

    Love your pose! I'm sure there is lots of information about training for such events! You are looking great!

  10. Your photos always make me want to visit Kansas City!

    As for the bridal shower, I'd go with finger foods, fruit and veggie trays, hot wings (if they aren't health nuts), meatballs, etc -- things everyone likes that are easy to get together.

    For prizes, I'd go with stuff people can use or eat. No one needs more clutter in their house.


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