Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yogurtini, back to business

Hope the weekend has been long and enjoyable for you!

Today, thus far, was spent going to church, eating brunch, and cleaning the house.  Now that it’s all clean, I don’t want to go to work tomorrow, I want to stay here!  Can I work at home, please?

Let me randomly start off by saying that this …BB

… is currently my favorite snack.  We’ve been getting these organic grapes at Hyvee that are absolutely perfect, so crispy, firm, and juicy.  Just recently, we purchased the last bag and I’m hoping they will be replenished soon!

Moving on … this coming Tuesday marks the starting of school in KC which means business will definitely be picking up.  Erik’s also starting school on Tuesday (he’s currently working on his Masters) so he will be one little busy  bee!

Getting the van all stocked and ready to go.A

I realized when I was taking pictures inside the van that I never showed a picture of the outside van decal so here it is : )  Erik loves his cargo van way too much, haha.

The official Originally Organic Vending van:AA

Yesterday while we were in Kansas City getting some products for the business we decided to stop at the new Yogurtini near the Plaza.


Their saying is “Swirl it. Top it. Weigh it. Pay it.”  It’s self serve, which I really liked.  You walk in and can mix and match any flavors you want.AA

They offer 10-16 frozen yogurt flavors and their website says they always have a no sugar added option as well as a non dairy flavor.  Each flavor has the caloric amount posted for a 4 oz serving … the highest calorie flavor we saw was 140 per serving and the lowest was 70 … not too shabby!

According the the Lesley Lifting Life standards, the no sugar added option, as well as posting the calories gave them definite bonus points!


After selecting your flavor, you can add any toppings from their around 65 item selection.  Along with the typical candy options, there is fresh fruit as well as granola and flax (more bonus points).  After selecting toppings, you weigh your dish and pay. (It’s $.39 per oz).


The decor was very simple and had a modern/retro feel to it.  I loved it.B

Erik’s mixture:


And mine.  We both went topping’less and my dish was a mix of Red Velvet and Yogurtini tart.BBB

It was really good and I would definitely recommend Yogurtini!

Yogurtini on Urbanspoon


And now, I’m sitting in my clean house drinking an Izze (that I stole from Erik’s van) while I blog … ahh : )AAA

And tomorrow, it’s back to the grinding board. 

How was your weekend??



  1. Self serve yougurt shops seem to be popping up every where! I think they're a great idea. I like the decal on the van!!!!

  2. Ugh, why does PA not have these yet? It's so unfair!!! Oh well, I will just have to live my dreams of self serve fro yo through you! ;)

  3. The van is adorable- just love it! I'm sure business will for sure be booming. I love froyo! We're getting a new self serve place near us and I cannot wait. Deliciousness. Weekend was fabulous

  4. That looks amazing! I LOVE that there is a dairy free option!!
    I want to play there!! haha

    We also need those vending machines here... I think Canada needs to jump on this band wagon!!

  5. love the logo :) ok, and the van--haha. those grapes are calling my name, too! i was just perusing and noticed you guys were in my hood! i grew up in clifton park (which you probably drove by on the northway) and my grandparents have a camp in the adirondacks (okara lakes). hope you had a fabulous time :)

  6. I just had to visit your blog because I love the name of it!

    I don't think I can get enough fresh fruit right now either. I'm loving grapes and berries.

  7. I am so envious of the yogurt shop you have--why can't every town have one?! It's just not fair :-) Haha!

  8. There is also a yogurt shop near our house but there are too few toppings available and the place is a bit crowded.


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