Thursday, September 30, 2010

Plaza Art Fair, Homemade Sushi

Happy October!!

How crazy it is to say October already.  But I must say, I’m ready for beautifully colored crunchy leaves! Because, yes, I DO walk out of my way to step on especially crunchy looking leaves.  It’s just a natural part of fall, people.

Here’s the latest update in our part of the world:

Plaza Art Fair

This past weekend my parents were in town visiting and we walked around the Plaza Art Fair on Sunday afternoon.  The weather was perfect!CCCIt appeared Erik was feeling like a model because he kept posing for pictures.  I think it’s the flannel getting to his head : )

Now let’s play …. where’s Waldo Erik?CC Okay, he’s not that hard to spot.  DD And here’s my wonderful mother and me.  It was bright outside, obviously.DDDBirthday Dinner

Erik turned 29 yesterday so I wanted to make something “fun” for dinner. 

Read: sushi.AA I used a sushi wrap kit with already sized nori strips and made veggie rolls using sticky rice, carrots, cucumber and avocado.BBErik was banned from the kitchen so I could surprise him, but he came too close and guessed what I was making by the smell of the nori, ha :pAAAAResults?

It was a lot of fun to make but I wish I would have had a full nori sheet that I could cut myself rather than the pre made strips.  I wasn’t able to make them the size I wanted and I just didn’t feel as cool with premade strips.

Being simple veggie rolls with virtually no seasonings, they were kind of bland, but overall not bad for my first homemade sushi attempt, ha.  It gave me ideas for next time and now I’ll know how to improve them.

Served with fresh salad made with fruits and veggies from our Door to Door Organics loot.BAnd now, the weekend!!  

What are you looking forward to this weekend?? 



  1. OMG I almost didn't recognize you guys! :) LOL you both look so great and like you are enjoying life so much right now.

    We made sushi from this kit a few weeks ago. So much fun, but nothing beats the real stuff.
    Happy Birthday Eric!

  2. You two are adorable! I love that you're dressed for fall with flip flops on :) I never want to give up flip flops. Happy Birthday to the man!!!!!! VERY sweet of you to make him something special for his birthday. The best way to a mans heart is totally through his tummy. I'm looking forward to my 10K tomorrow and time with my mama on Sunday

  3. Aww love you and your mama!! So cute. The weather looks glorious, wish I could say the same about MN!! Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. I am totally pumped to make some homemade sushi now! and I love your sunglasses. heheh

  5. I would like to make sushi sometime too! Where do you find nori? Does Hy-vee or a regular grocery have it?


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