Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cup of joy

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family, and good food!

I’ve been loving this extra time off work, and my relaxing mornings with no alarms, bright sunshine, and warm cups of joy:A

Also known as … warm chai tea.

Erik and I spent Thanksgiving at my mother-in-law’s and she was nice enough to make us a non traditional, vegetarian meal of delicious appetizers and lasagna, yum!!  I didn’t miss the turkey, in fact that was never my favorite part about Thanksgiving anyways.  My contribution was peanut butter cookies:


They were decent, but could have been sweeter, and baked a few minutes less!
And I’m sure none of us have had enough food lately, so it’s only logical that it’s recipe time!!

Erik and I have made this several times now, I talked about it in my last post, and we love.  So without further ado …


Grown up Mac ‘N Cheese

- Penne pasta
- Chopped medium onion
- Cheese of choice (we actually used Provolone, and it tastes delish!)
-1 vegetable bouillon cube or about 2 cups broth
- Minced garlic
- Olive oil
- Kale or other greens such as spinach or chard
- Salt and pepper, to taste

- Preheat oven at 350 degrees.
- Boil a pot of water for the Penne, which will need to be cooked al dente.
- Sautee chopped onions and minced garlic in olive oil until tender.
- Pour dried Penne pasta into boiling water.  Cook al dente.
- Add vegetable broth and chopped kale to sauté mixture, and let cook down a little.


- When pasta is complete, pour into baking dish, and add a small layer of cheese.AAA

- Pour in vegetable mixture, and the another layer of cheese. Add salt, pepper, and other seasonings of choice.
- Pop it in the oven for thirty minutes, or until cheese becomes golden brown, and voila!BB

We’ve been on a huge pasta kick lately, and this fits the bill perfectly.

I got up way too late this morning, because Erik and I stayed up way past our bedtime watching season one of Mercy on Netflix.  Therefore, my goal today is to be productive!

What’s on tap for your weekend??



  1. Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving :) Very sweet of the MIL to be accommodating. That mac n cheese seriously looks delicious (I know I already said this ;)), I need to make it. Rest of the weekend? We went to brunch with friends this morning and then got Josh new basketball shoes. I hope to get some Christmas decorating done

  2. looks like a fantastic tgiving. those cookies sound amazing. I'm having fun hanging out with the fam this weekend. :)

  3. I love Mercy!!! Fantastic show!!


  4. Love that your MIL made a special dish for you guys. That's great. My dad's side always does Italian so I never thought of Thanksgiving and turkey.

  5. That is so sweet of your MIL!!! thats awesome she is very understanding :) love your pasta cravings!!

  6. @Jen I know, we love it too, and I was so sad to find out there is only one season!

  7. What a great looking recipe!
    Hope you have a wonderful Holiday season!

  8. That mac n' cheese looks to die for! I'm already over T-Day leftovers, although we're going to have them one more time tonight. Then I just might have to make this for a nice change of pace. Cheers!

  9. Your man n cheese looks so good! I love the greens in there. I'm always trying to sneak in as many veggies into dishes as I can.

    Glad you had a tasty Thanksgiving :)

  10. Yum, mac & cheese and mac & cheese with greens ... even better!!

  11. Sounds like a fabulous Thanksgiving to me--it's always nice when family accomodates eating situations--and I have to say turkey isn't my favorite either, but I'm not sure I could do without it being that I am such a traditionalist haha.


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