Sunday, March 28, 2010

Remember Me???

So … I have been severely neglecting Lesley Lifting Life for far too long!!

In fact, I’ve pretty much been neglecting the totality of my internet social life … Facebook, Twitter, Examiner, Gmail, etc. So for that, and for those that have e-mailed me with no response, I’m sorry!!

Apparently I needed a break? Ha, I really have no reason for the unplanned hiatus other than a busy life. But all is still well and we are still us :) See??


I have some fun things planned, but for now, here’s a recap from when I was away :)

  • Had my 22nd birthday on March 18th
  • My parents came to visit
  • I scored a new BPA free, non porous material, 1 gallon water jug to bring to work each day. It’s nice because I can bring my reverse osmosis water to work now instead of drinking gross tap water.(People continue to ask, “Do you drink ALL of that in one day?” to which I respond, “Yes, I do”. Ha, it’s really not hard to drink a lot of water once you get used to it ; )
  • Unintentionally neglected e-mails
  • Took almost no pictures
  • Ate good food. (via cell phone pictures).

DPP_0001 DPP_0001

  • Continued to workout and still have this schedule with a lot of overtime at work.
  • Have been slightly addicted to American Idol this season. (I miss Lily and Lacey)
  • Decided to probably postpone my planned Oct/Sep figure competition.  We decided it would probably benefit me to spend some more time building muscle (it takes a lot of time and work and I started with just about nothing, ha). Also, I’d rather wait and do a show when I feel more confident and ready. (More updates to come).

Speaking of figure shows, shout out to Carrie for getting 2nd place in her first ever figure show this past weekend!! : )

Anyways, there’s the jist of my life lately. Hopefully I’ll get back to more regularly blogging. I miss you all when I stay away this long!

How have you all been?? And have a great week!


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