Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cupcakes, cacao & sucanat

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Remember these, from my last post?C I think I’ve made about 4 batches of them in the last week or so, no joke, ha.  We really like them around here.
I’ve shared a few as well, I promise we didn’t eat them all Winking smile

So what exactly are these, you ask? 

Chocolate Sour Cream Cupcakes

I followed the recipe exactly from its source, so I won’t post it.

However … HERE is the link so you can make them for yourself, if you so chose. Not surprisingly, the recipe comes from Clean Eating Magazine’s website. 
CCCCacao Powder

I thought it would be fun to highlight a few of the ingredients in the recipe.  First up, cacao powder.

What is the difference between “cacao” powder, and “cocoa” powder?  Cacao powder always seems to be found in health food sections, and seems to have a rap for being better than cocoa.

From what I have found they are actually quite similar, and there isn’t much of a difference. However, cacao powder refers specifically to raw, unsweetened powder whereas cocoa powder may still have small amounts of cocoa butter present for subtle flavor enhancement.A Sucanat

Next up, sucanat.  I think it’s my newest favorite baking sweetener.  I’ve noticed that Clean Eating magazine uses it in a large portion of their baked goods, and I decided to finally try it.  Here’s a few things about it:

What is sucanat?
It’s a type of cane sugar that is naturally light brown in color.  It stands for SUgar CAne NATural.  Basically, it is a dried whole cane sugar that has not been processed or refined.

How does is taste?
Sucanat retains a molasses flavor, and is similar to brown sugar.

What are the health benefits of sucanat?
Sucanat contains less sucrose than white sugar because of its natural production method, retains more vitamins and minerals, and will have less severe effects on the body’s blood sugar levels.
BBAll I know is that sucanat and cacao powder (among other ingredients, of course) make a good chocolaty cupcake that goes perfectly with a fresh cold glass of milk.
They’re even good with a raspberry on top
Winking smileAAAA Operation Motivation

It’s been a bit of a crazy week thus far, but despite that, I’m happy to report my two new recipes for the week are already cooked.  More on them to come later! 

Hope you’re having a great week!


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