Sunday, June 12, 2011

More FUD

Another spring weekend has come and gone.

Saturday we got up, cleaned the house, and went to a wedding. Later on in the evening since we were out and about and getting hungry we ate at FUD.


We love this place!

5 fud8

This time around we started out with Red Coolers:

“Fresh apple juice mixed with cranberry juice and brewed roibos tea.” Delicious!

5 fud

And for our entrees, we both got the TuneRahh Sandwich:

“Raw green jack fruit "tuna" salad with eggless mayonnaise, in a sandwich with tomato, lettuce, and purple onion.”

5 fud3

This was amazing as well! If I didn’t already know FUD’s meals didn’t contain meat or animal products, I would certainly never know.

5 fud4

We rarely ever get desserts at restaurants, but FUD is our exception. We split some cashew ice cream:

“Raw cashew ice cream, sweetened with agave. Optional toppings raw cacao sauce, superfood caramel, cinnamon goji sauce, raw cacao nibs, pecans, pistachios”

Look at those ingredients! Yeah, we can’t pass that up. It’s a health food blogger’s dream come true! Ha.

5 fud55 fud25 fud1 5 fud6

Feed Me

I just had to give an update on our back deck birdies. They’re growing, and growing, and mom seems to feed them constantly these days. We’re a little scared when we go on our deck because mom does NOT appreciate us being so close to her babies. But so far, she’s kept her distance.

Here’s a hungry little baby:

5 bird

Today after church we went to an event at Whole Foods, got groceries (and local kombucha!) and went on a hunt for jackfruit.

We’ve noticed that FUD uses jackfruit as their “meat” on a lot of dishes, and naturally, we have to try to cook with it ourselves!

Stay tuned for our jackfruit adventures, ha.


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