Friday, July 22, 2011

Raw Cashew Ice Cream

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week!

It’s been HOT in Kansas City this week but I can’t say that I mind … I’d always much rather be hot than cold. That being said … I’m all about cold drinks and treats during the dog days of summer. Therefore, today on Lesley Lifting Life we’re featuring smoothies and cashew ice cream!

Raw Cashew Ice Cream

I posted my first experience with homemade cashew ice cream on Twitter and Facebook not long ago, and after having made it a few more times, I’m confident this is a fool proof, very tasty recipe!

cashew ice cream 3

-- 1 C raw cashews
-- 1 1/2 C water
-- 1/3 C raw agave nectar
-- pinch of salt
-- 1 vanilla bean
-- 1-2 TB coconut oil

- Throw it all in a blender and let it form a smooth liquid. Place the liquid in ice cream maker, and let it do it’s thing until it’s reached your favorite consistency.

cashew ice cream 1 cashew ice cream 2

We topped ours with raw chocolate syrup that Erik made, alongside a slice of raw raspberry pie and some more raw chocolate. Perfect dessert trio, yum!!

cashew ice cream 4

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Smoothies have been an essential part of my complete, balanced breakfast summer, especially when it’s over 100 degrees!

smoothie 1

Today’s smoothie consisted of:

- 1 C (ish) frozen strawberries
- 1 banana
- A squirt of agave
- Splash of water
- Ice, to preference


Simple, delicious, and refreshing!

What’s your favorite smoothie mixture??

Stay cool,


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