Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend in St. Louis: PuraVegan

Next up in our weekend in St. Louis, we ate at PuraVegan.


PuraVegan is a 100% raw vegan and gluten-free restaurant located 1 block away from Forest Park on 307 Belt Avenue in St. Louis. We’ve never been to an all raw restaurant before, so we were pretty excited. It’s fun for us to try new places and when it’s all raw, it’s that much more fun for us, ha.

While ordering we bought a bag of BBQ kale chips for “later” but we couldn’t resist opening them right away.

puraveganpuravegan 1

We couldn’t resist a fresh juice either! Our combo included kale, carrots, apple, and ginger. Sometimes kale in juices is a bit much for me, but there was a perfect amount of ginger to give this juice a great flavor. Delicious.

puravegan 2

We had a heck of a time deciding on two things to order because everything sounded so good. Erik ended up getting the BBQ pizza:

puravegan 3

And I got the burger, which was served with kale chips. Love it!

puravegan 6

Just like Local Harvest, if we lived in St. Louis, Puravegan would be a place we would definitely frequent!

PuraVegan on Urbanspoon

puravegan 5

Touristy Time

Since neither of us had really ever been to St. Louis, we figured we had to do the touristy thing and see the arch. So after filling our bellies full of delicious food, we headed to the arch.

archway 3 archway 4

We would have even gone up to the top but we were just a little late and missed the last trip up for the night. Oh, well!


It was fun being in St. Louis for the weekend, almost a mini vacation, even though we were in a workshop all day every day, ha! But by the time it was all over, we were glad to come home.

It also gave me a bit of the travel bug … can I go to New York now?


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