Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Friday bake sale for Stop Child Trafficking Now

What a beautiful weekend!!

The weather in Kansas City this weekend has been absolutely perfect! I simply love the changing of seasons.

Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to ...

Bake Sale

This past First Friday, our church hosted a bake sale to raise money for Stop Child Trafficking Now.

first friday 4

Thus, we started our evening bringing some vegan goodies to the bake sale booth and hanging out there for awhile. I was going to tweet all about it and tell you Kansas City friends to come say hi and buy some treats, but very sadly, I left my phone at home on the charger.

I did get to see Jessie though and that was fun. (She is a very sweet fellow blogger who writes an awesome fashion blog called The Concrete Catwalk. I highly suggest it!)

bake sale 5

From their website, “Stop Child Trafficking Now exists to stop child trafficking by targeting the source of child trafficking: predators who drive the sex industry everywhere in the world, including in your local community. SCTNow has partnered with specially trained operatives familiar with what it takes to infiltrate, investigate and bring to justice the predators victimizing children worldwide.”

A very wonderful and very important cause! There’s going to be a SCTNow 5k walk/run in Kansas City on September 17th in Illus Davis Park. Check out the 5k website for more info, and feel free to join if you’re a KC reader!!

bake sale 6

The Stash

We ended up with a table full of just about any baked good imaginable. And I have to give us props as there were even gluten-free, nut free, aaand vegan options.

bake sale 3bake sale 7

My contribution was vegan brownies and vegan chocolate cupcakes. I’ll have to share the brownie recipe sometime soon, I was pretty happy with how they came out.

bake sale 10

We made it a “pick a treat, pick a price” bake sale, and ended up raising over $520. Definite success!

bake sale 8first friday 3

We also went by Crossroads Coffee because one of our friends, Steven Dragon, has his art being displayed this month. We hadn’t seen his art before, and we loved it!

first friday 6

And of course, hung out with friends:

first friday 8
Great evening at First Fridays leading up to an equally great Labor Day weekendSmile

bake sale

(P.S. Check out a few more First Friday pictures on The Purple Carrot’s new album on Facebook)

Are you doing anything fun for Labor Day?


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