Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The tale of perfect pizza crust

Remember all that talk about awesome pizza?? Well, here is the official tale of Erik’s perfect pizza crust.

He’s always wanted to create a perfect NY style pizza crust but no matter how he tried, the crust was never quite right. Well, folks, the perfect crust has arrived! It was not without extreme measures, trust me, ha. Many of you have asked for the recipe, and I’ll do the best I can but let me just say, this is not for the faint of heart!

Tale of Perfect Pizza Crust

It all started with a homemade temperature controlled proofing box and Italian sourdough culture.

Proofing box 1Proofing box

The activation of the yeast involved the book Classic Sourdoughs, multiple days under the proofing box, and multiple days outside of it.


Once the yeast was activated, he followed a recipe he’s been reading about for quite some time now. I kid you not when I saw the pizza recipe/instructions is 110 pages long! Yes, it’s crazy.

Erik went to some extreme measures for this perfect pizza! In fact, our oven no longer has a self cleaning lock. It’s true. In order to cook the perfect pizza, it’s thrown in the oven for 2 to 3 minutes at a really high temperature, which can only be achieved in a conventional oven by putting it on the self cleaner.

The secret to this perfect pizza, says Erik, is in the yeast culture. Basically, I’m a lucky gal because now awesome pizza abounds! I didn’t know I could enjoy pizza so much without the usual dairy cheese, but trust me, it’s been no problem.


Pizza 1

This pizza, which has been my favorite thus far has a thick easy cashew cheese as the base with some fresh garden tomatoes, fresh garden basil, garlic and sea salt.

Now allow me to post a thousand more pictures of various versions of pizza to get those mouths watering!

Pizza 2

Look at that caramelized onion goodness!!

Pizza 1Pizza 8PizzaPizzaPizza 9Pizza 3

Pizza party at The Purple Carrot!!


I feel like I’ve asked this before, but it’s a very important question in life. If you had to pick one pizza topping, what would it be??


  1. Besides the obvious tomato?...mushrooms!

  2. just an onion, black olive and cheese pizza yumm


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