Monday, September 5, 2011

Waldo Pizza

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

I worked most of the day, but we hung out with some friends in the evening so that was fun. I had to wear a jacket for the first time in a long time. I’m ready for hot tea in the mornings but now that I have felt cold for a whole day I’m not sure what I think about this changing of seasons thing, ha. Either way, it’s here to stay!

Anyways … next up we have a lovely Sunday filled with vegan pizza and natural snow cones:

Waldo Pizza

After church on Sunday, we went with a few friends to eat at Waldo Pizza.

Waldo Pizza

There are two Waldo Pizza locations in the KC area. One is located at 7433 Broadway (75th and Wornall) in Kansas City and the other is at 1543 Douglas St (Douglas & Mulberry) in Lee’s Summit.

Waldo Pizza 4Waldo Pizza 3

One really neat and notable aspect of Waldo is that alongside their normal menu, they have a full vegan menu! For us vegans, it’s certainly appreciated and loved.

As far as cheese is concerned, they have a soy-based “Follow Your Heart" Vegan Mozzarella as well as Italian and Cheddar Daiya cheese.

Waldo Pizza 6Waldo Pizza 2

Erik and I split a roasted garlic and basil pizza topped with Daiya Italian “cheese”. I especially loved the garlic! See?

Waldo Pizza 9

Yeah, yum.

“Kansas City’s great little place for pizza”.

Waldo Pizza 7Waldo Pizza 1Waldo Pizza 8

We had a perfect Sunday lunch.

Waldo Pizza on Urbanspoon

Fresher Than Fresh

Next up, and not surprisingly, we headed to 17th & Summit for a delicious snow cone at Fresher Than Fresh. The weather isn’t going to stay nice that much longer, we must take advantage of perfect snow cone days while they still exist!

I took a moment to have a mini photo shoot with my snow cone.

Fresher Than Fresh 1Fresher Than Fresh 3

Their daredevil special this week was Blood Orange & Rosemary. I pined after it when I saw them tweet about it, but unfortunately I was not the only one and they were sold out when we got there.

Instead, I opted for one of my favorites, green tea pear. Erik got pineapple and Serrano pepper. Delicious!

Fresher Than Fresh

And then we took a drive through the West Bottoms, just for fun.


I love Sunday afternoons!!

Stay tuned for some delicious recipes coming at you very soon!

What’s been the highlight of your weekend??


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