Monday, November 7, 2011

Homemade sucanat powdered sugar

And I’m back!

This Monday in Kansas City was gloomy and rainy. But my favorite part … it was BRIGHT outside at 7 am again! I’m thankful for that, even if it won’t last forever. It makes drinking my morning tea that much more enjoyable.

Anyways … today I have an exciting take on powdered sugar. It’s no secret that so many delicious baked goods are just not the same without a icing, glaze, or frosting. Not to mention aesthetics of ooey gooey, dripping sugary goodness. I’ve previously used organic powered sugar and always wished it was a bit better for us. Not only is it very refined and processed but it typically contains corn starch to thicken it. I thought, hmm, I bet I could make this a little bit better.

Thus, it was born:

Homemade Sucanat Powdered Sugar

It’s simple and very easy. All it takes is: sucanat, a little arrowroot to thicken and a somewhat powerful blender!

What is sucanat, you ask? Some quick facts about this sweetener:

  • It’s a type of cane sugar that is naturally light brown in color. It stands for SUgar CAne NATural. Basically, it is a dried whole cane sugar that has not been processed or refined.
  • Sucanat retains a molasses flavor, and is similar to brown sugar.
  • It contains less sucrose than white sugar because of its natural production method, retains more vitamins and minerals, and will have less severe effects on the body’s blood sugar levels.

Simply toss your sucanat and arrowroot into the blender, and pulse until really powdery. It’s a good idea to let it sit a few seconds before taking the lid off the blender because it will be very powdery. (Make sense, right?? Ha)

Note: Add about 1 tablespoon arrowroot per 2 cups of sucanat.

And there you have it. A healthier powdered sugar that you can feel better about making frosting with!

It will look something like this when finished:

And just to show you how easy it is to make icing out of it, here’s a preview of my favorite and very quick icing recipe that consists simply of almond milk, and this homemade sucanat powdered sugar mixed together.

Both the cinnamon rolls and the icing recipe are coming up next!

Go ahead and drool a little bit in anticipation!

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