Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Food Photos Week 2

Time for another week recap of the March Food Photo-a-Day Challenge! The challenge is still going well and I really enjoy looking on Twitter, Instagram, and on blogs to see what everyone else is posting. It’s been a great way to “meet” new online friends, too!
I’ve had enough people ask about an April edition that word on the street is there is currently one being createdWinking smile

March Foodie Photo-a-Day Week 2
The second seven days have been as follows:
  • Day 8: vegetable // eat the rainbow
  • Day 9: lunch break // a perfect Friday lunch break for this girl!
  • Day 10: most used appliance // this award goes out to the Blendtec
  • Day 11: can’t live without // these days, I can’t live without cashew cheese!
  • Day 12: favorite drink // besides water, I’d have to go with tea
  • Day 13: silverware // the real deal, from Erik’s side of the family
  • Day 14: fruit // some of my favorite fruits!
photo Day 8Day 9 Day 10Day 11 Day 12Day 13 Day 14

And that’s a wrap for now!

happy eating,


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