Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Food Photos Week 4

Time to wrap up March Food Photos!

It’s been a fun month, and I’m so glad so many of you participated. It’s been great getting to “meet” new people, and share food together! Just a quick reminder, April Food Photos is on! Check out this post to hear all about it, and get the month’s cues.

March Food Photos Week 1
March Food Photos Week 2
March Food Photos Week 3

March Foodie Photo-a-Day Week 4
  • Day 22: cooking inspiration // Blogs, the world wide web, and my husband!
  • Day 23: fridge // Very empty, and very boring
  • Day 24: dinner // Spicy sweet potato & black bean enchiladas (recipe here!)
  • Day 25: chop chop // The start of dinner
  • Day 26: spices // Love these vibrant colors
  • Day 27: chocolate // Been loving these chocolate chunks lately
  • Day 28: mug // DIY chalkboard mugs & wine glasses (how-to here!)
  • Day 29: dessert // Cashew ice cream, of course
  • Day 30: kitchen gadget // An old hand mixer
  • Day 31: recipe // Latest recipe on the blog, chocolate covered frozen banana pops (recipe here!)
Day 22 Day 23Day 24 Day 25Day 26 Day 27Day 28 Day 29Day 30 Day 31

Hope to see you all “back” for April!

Happy eating,


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