Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Angelica Kitchen

Happy Wednesday!

What’s everyone been up to this week? I got to meet with some friends for lunch yesterday at Blue Nile and then worked the rest of my afternoon at Mudpie. It was a nice break up of my usual work day.

Moving right along … there’s just a few more New York restaurant posts to come and today we have …

Angelica Kitchen

I seemed to see Angelica Kitchen popping up everywhere on favorite vegan restaurants in NYC, and a pizza place Erik wanted to try was close by so Angelica Kitchen it was.

Angelia Kitchen is located at 300 East 12th Street and they’re open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

angelica kitchen 3

It was so fun while going to new restaurants in New York to have a wide range of menu items to chose from. Kansas City is really coming along in the veggie world and has a lot to offer, but of course it’s way too different to be able to compare the two.

I decided on a special of the day, which was the quesadilla.

Angelica kitchen 1

And Erik got the “Wrapsody” which consists of a “seasonal selection of roasted vegetables, balsamic marinated beets, creamy hummus, dill pickles, sunflower sprouts & arugula, folded & wrapped in a soft whole wheat tortilla”.

We ended up splitting both items so we could try more food. Our favorite of the two was the quesadilla, but to be honest, we didn’t love either option. They were both okay, but neither of them made me eager to want to go back. It seems like everyone online raves about their cornbread so afterwards I was sort of wishing I would have tried it instead!

angelica kitchen 2Angelica Kitchen

Angelica Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Coming up, a few different pizza places in the city to further Erik’s pizza passion Winking smile

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