Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back to Kansas City

Thanks again, everyone, for the kind words about my father-in-law

Although he has lived in Missouri for awhile now, he’s from New York and wished to be buried there. So we came to New York on Saturday, the funeral was on Monday, and we are headed home today.  It’s going to be really different when we go back home and try to get settled into this new chapter of our lives, as his dad has lived with us for the past few years and much of our lives have been centered around his care. But on the other hand, it’s a blessing because he had fought a long, hard battle and he was ready to go. It’s a hard part of life that can be difficult to understand, but God is still good, and sometimes that’s just life, isn’t it? 

While in New York, we tried to have as much “fun” as possible under the circumstances.  New York is so pretty, I don’t seem to get bored with all the mountains, streams, rivers, trees and nature … not to mention the city.

So here are a few Instagram photos I’ve taken while here. I’ll blog some of the fun highlights in the next few days …

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