Saturday, May 12, 2012

First Meal at Cafe Gratitude

Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

We’ve been trying to acclimate back into “normal” life after everything going on, and getting back from the funeral in NY. There’s a lot still to do, but we decided to take it easy this Saturday to catch a little much needed breather. Enter … the perfect time to check out two of Kansas City’s newest additions; Café Gratitude and Little Freshie.

Café Gratitude

I blogged about the grand opening house of Café Gratitude a few weeks ago, and we finally had the opportunity to eat a meal there today.

Cafe Gratitude

We got two things and split them … “I Am Transformed” and “I Am Magical”. Erik’s “I Am Magical” got put in to the kitchen wrong on accident, so instead we got to try “I Am Extraordinary”.

In case you’re confused, all the menu items are words of affirmation starting with “I Am …” so when you order, you get to say whatever you order, in my case “I Am Transformed” and when your item is brought to the table, the wait staff will say “You are transformed”, etc.

First up, “I Am Extraordinary”. We got it on the live wrap instead of bun, and it is their “BLT with spicy cashew aioli, crispy chipotle-maple coconut, romaine lettuce, tomato and avocado”.

Cafe  Gratitude 1

And “I Am Transformed” which is “two seasonal corn tacos with brown rice,  black beans, guacamole, salsa fresca and cashew nacho cheese”.

cafe gratitude 2

We enjoyed both menu items, and they both happened to have a pretty nice spicy kick to them. But the star of our meal was definitely dessert.

One thing about raw/vegan desserts … they are so delicious, especially considering how healthy the ingredients usually are! We got “I Am Awakening”, their key lime pie.

It was incredibly smooth, creamy, and delicious. Why did we only get one to share?? ; )

cafe gratitude 3

Really happy to have Café Gratitude in Kansas City!
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