Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Freshie

Hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day!

My mom also had a birthday last week, so she had double the holidays celebrating her. Sadly, we only talked via phone since she’s 6 hours away in Nebraska, but at least she’s got plenty of quilting to do to keep her busy ; ) My dad will be in KC next weekend and will hopefully be bringing the retro flower quilt my mom has been slaving away on for me. I can’t wait to see it completed, it’s a really neat quilt! Check out her blog for a sneak peak. My mom is the best!!

Now onto part II of our relaxing Saturday … after checking out Café Gratitude, we headed over to Little Freshie for some coffee.

Little Freshie

little freshie 7

I mentioned Little Freshie briefly in a blog post not too long ago, and I was so excited to hear they were open when we got back from NY. If you’re not familiar, it’s a new hand crafted soda fountain and espresso bar located right next door to Fud at 811 W 17th Street. The Westside has long been one of our favorite Kansas City spots and it’s so wonderful to welcome Little Freshie.

It’s started by Lindsay Laricks, who is also the creative genius behind Fresher Than Fresh snow cones. If you thought Fresher Than Fresh was awesome [like we do!] then you will  be overly delighted with her new storefront.  The design, décor, and overall atmosphere of Little Freshie is perfect, I don’t think Lindsay could have done it any better.

little freshie little freshie 3 little freshie 9

Erik and I both got the pour over coffee. I’m typically a tea drinker, but can’t seem to stay away from coffee at least a couple times a week. Erik doesn’t care for coffee much at all, but even he really likes this.

What is pour over coffee, you ask? It’s a method of brewing coffee (as far as I’ve seen one coffee cup at a time upon ordering) in which you pour hot water slowly over the ground-up beans with the idea of extracting more flavor. It seems to be one of the latest food trends, and I think I know why … it makes really good coffee!

little freshie 1

Along with their drinks, they have an assortment of treats such as macaroons, scones, cookies and other sweets, as well as a small retail display that houses some pretty cute merchandise.

little freshie 4little freshie 6little freshie 2little freshie 8

Little Freshie on Urbanspoon
So basically, everyone needs to stop what they’re doing and go to Little Freshie right now, because you will love it!

The end.


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