Thursday, May 24, 2012

Motorino Pizzeria Napoletana

Time for some New York pizza!

After our lunch at Angelica Kitchen, we stopped by Motorino Pizzeria Napoletana. Yes, we had just eaten. The idea was to get a pizza to go … Ha.

Motorino Pizzeria Napoletana


Motorino serves Neapolitan style pizza, which happens to be what Erik is so obsessed with.  Some days, all I hear about at home is wood fired pizza ovens, Caputo flour, San Marzano tomatoes, and bufala mozzarella. (No, we don’t even eat cheese, ha). He is completely enamored with everything that is authentic Neapolitan pizza.


Where all the magic happens.


We ordered the marina pizza to go.

We got about exactly one block down the street before Erik had to stop and try it. Probably not even that far.

There’s nothing like pizza fresh out of the oven, and especially since we were in NYC, it was an injustice to wait any longer. Plus, I’m positive there’s always room for some pizza in our stomachs!


Delicious pizza! Erik is turning me into an obsessed pizza lover too, slice by slice.


Motoronio used to be Uno Pizzeria Napoletana, started by Anthony Mangieri, who now has a pizzeria in California. Erik would have loved to try Mangieri’s pizza (and whenever we make a trip to CA, you know we will be there!) but Motorino still serves a great pizza.

I liked the quote on their menu board …

You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six”.

Ha, that’s about right for me every time!

Motorino on Urbanspoon

Now I’m hungry for some pizza!


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