Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thanks & April Food Photos Week 4

Thanks everyone for the prayers and kind words about Erik’s dad!

He passed away Monday evening, April 30th. We got to spend the whole day with him, we were there when he passed, and he seemed very peaceful when he went. He was ready, and though it’s been a really hard thing to go through, we’re glad he’s not in pain anymore, and we know he’s in a much better place. He’s from New York, so we’ll be headed to the east coast at the end of the week for the funeral.

I’ll probably be blogging sporadically, but until then … here’s the completion of April Food Photos.

April Food Photos Week 4

Day 22: go green // My favorite reusable bags – Happy Earth Day!
Day 23: favorite carb // My husband’s pizza!
Day 24: farmers market // Badseed Farmers Market
Day 25: dining room // Best part of the dining room
Day 26: something salty // Our favorite salt
Day 27: kitchen d├ęcor // The newest addition to our kitchen
Day 28: guilty pleasure // I don’t feel any of the guilt, but I’m pretty sure I eat these cookies way too often!
Day 29: mix it up // Mixing up the normal tea with some coffee
Day 30: midnight snack // Not exactly midnight, but since Erik’s dad had been in the hospital, we’ve had a lot of late night Chipotle dinners

aprilfoodphotos[4] Day 22Day 23 Day 24Day 25 Day 26Day 27 Day 28Day 29 Day 30

Also, thanks to everyone who participated in April Food Photos! March and April full of photos has been tons of fun. I’ve had a few people ask if there is a May version and I’m sorry to say there is not. Things have been too busy around here and it wasn’t something I could commit to for May. Maybe there will be another one in June. I might jump in on Fat Mum Slim’s non foodie May challenge for this month, but I’m not sure yet. Either way … it’s been fun!

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