Friday, June 1, 2012

Soft Serve Fruit Company

Happy Friday and first day of June!!

I really have no idea where the month of May disappeared to, but I’m happily welcoming June into my life. I’m loving this summer weather (despite some already very warm days!), and the 23rd of June marks Erik’s and my 5th year anniversary. Life has been pretty crazy the past few years and these past few months and we’re hoping to get a vacation in sometime this summer too. Let me tell you, we could really use it. Hello, California!
Anyways … enough of that. I still have a few back posts from New York, and it’s time for some food. Or in this case … some soft serve!

The Soft Serve Fruit Company

One of the other places we hit up while in New York was The Soft Serve Fruit Company. Soft serve ice cream made of frozen fruit! I think about everyone has heard of the wonder of simply freezing bananas and throwing them in a blender to produce delicious, creamy “ice cream”, and this is a place very similar to that.

soft serve fruit

There are two NYC locations, one in Union Square at 25 East 17th and the other in Upper East Side at 1371 Third Ave.

The ice cream is made of three simple ingredients: fruit, water, and some cane sugar making it both dairy free and gluten free. I’m all for such a simple recipe! Their menu consists of sundaes, smoothies, a pretzel cone, and soft serve dishes that you can put a variety of toppings on. When we were there, the different soft serve flavors were banana, mango, dark chocolate and strawberry.

soft serve fruit2

Both of us opted for dark chocolate and I topped mine with pomegranate and peanut butter. 

I really love the concept of this place since it’s so simple and uses so few real ingredients. Overall I thought the dark chocolate flavor was pretty delicious, especially when paired with the sweet crunch of pomegranate arils. It was really airy and and light and I though I did enjoy it, I think I would have preferred a little more chocolate and a little less water so that it would have more substance and less air.

My only complaint? I thought the toppings make it a little pricey for what you get. The non fruit toppings are 50 cents each and fruit toppings are 75 cents each. I really like yogurt/ice cream shops in which you pay by weight, that way you can get a few more toppings without the price increasing so quickly!

soft serve fruit1
The Soft Serve Fruit Co on Urbanspoon

A great place to stop for a delicious (and healthy!) treat. If I lived in NYC, I’m sure I would be returning.

What’s your favorite place to get fro yo/ice cream??


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