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Settebello Salt Lake City

The pizza journey continues! (If you haven’t already, I suggest first reading my Introduction to Neapolitan pizza post for a better understanding of our quest).

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Upon leaving Denver, we next journeyed to Salt Lake City to check out Settebello. The Salt Lake City location is located downtown at 260 South 200 West. Settebello also has locations in Las Vegas, Pasadena, and a recently opened location in Farmington.


We (again) had a very long day of driving, about eight and a half hours in the car, so pizza was sounding very good!

Settebello is also Vera Pizza Neapolitan (or VPN) certified, which means they follow VPN’s specific guidelines to a true Pizza Napoletana.

settebello 2 settebello 7

We sat at the bar in Settebello, which gave us an absolute perfect view of the pizza oven. One thing we really liked about this location is that the pizza ovens are really a focal point. When you walk in, they are what you immediately see, and they’re not surrounded by walls restricting their view. While there are two ovens, the one on the right is an Acunto which cracked and is now only used for roasting food. The oven on the left, now used for their pizzas, is a Stefano Ferrara, which is Erik’s favorite oven.

settebello 6

Per each location, we ordered the DOC Margherita pizza and the Marinara.  Cook time was approximately 130 seconds, longer than the guideline of about 90 seconds, but I imagine that time would have shortened as the evening progressed, and oven heated up. We were one of the only people dining, as we arrived pretty early for dinner. In fact, Erik timed another pizza after ours that was right around the 90 second cook time.

settebello 5

Margherita, DOC version (above): “Crushed Tomatoes, Bufala Mozzarella, Basil, Parmigiano Oregano, Extra Virgin Olive Oil"

Marinara (below): “Crushed Tomatoes, Garlic, Oregano, Extra Virgin Olive Oil”

And the bottom of the pizza beautifully charred. Aren’t those beautiful looking pizzas?? Yum!

settebello 3 settebello 4

The Quick Stats

Oven: Stefano Ferrara Cook time: Approximately 130 seconds. We were pretty early for dinner, so the oven wasn’t at hot as it would have likely been later on in the evening. A nice rise and overall char was still easily achieved.
Dough: The dough was extremely hydrated, needing large amounts of flour to be handled. It was definitely a warm rise, I’d say at least 24 hours.
Taste: Overall taste was very good, certainly up to VPN standards.  These were good pies. One note is that both pies seemed to be a bit excessive on ingredients (sauce, cheese), which I personally liked, and Erik didn’t love.
Another wonderfully delicious stop on The Great Neapolitan Pizza Quest!

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