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Swagat: Fine Indian Cuisine

It’s probably quite obvious, but in case you haven’t noticed, The Purple Carrot has a tab right under the header that says “Kansas City”. That’s the place where some of our KC adventures are kept for easy access finding. But the list is certainly not exhaustive and lots of times we’re out and about, I don’t have my camera, and just don’t blog about it.

The other day I decided I would change that, and simply start using the wonderful technology that is the iPhone, ha. So if I haven’t already blogged about it, and I’m at a blog worthy restaurant or event, it shall never go unblogged again!! *Cue super hero music*
Okay, don’t.


Swagat is the place I first had good Indian food, and I’ve been completely hooked ever since! They serve “fine Indian cuisine” in form of a lunch buffet Mon-Fri 11-2:30 and Sat-Sun 11-3 and then dinner Mon 5-9:30, Tue-Fri 5-10 and Sat-Sun 5-10. They’re located in Zona Rosa shopping center, which is right off Barry Road.


Indian restaurants always have a lot of non meat options, and it’s pretty easy to be vegan there too.  A large portion of the vegetarian items are vegan and the main things to watch out for (besides meat) are yogurt based sauces and butter.  If you’re a full blown carnivore (or just a regular one?) get whatever your heart pleases and I’m quite sure at Swagat, it will be delicious!

I got the Chana Masala, which consists of “chick peas cooked with fresh tomatoes, garlic, ginger, onion, and spices”.  It is my absolute favorite menu item, and I can rarely go there without getting it!

Erik got the Aloo Palak Chole which is “fresh potatoes cooked with spinach, garbanzo beans, and spices”.  So flavorful!

photo(6) photo(4)

Another tip if you are vegan … their rice, which comes with each entrĂ©e, contains butter so instead, ask your server to sub it out for the Tandoori Roti bread with no butter. (I believe, per our waiters comments, it’s the only bread made with no butter. But be sure to also specify no butter so they don’t put butter on the bread before bringing it to your table).

If non vegan, you cannot go wrong with Naan!


If you’ve never been to Swagat, make it a point to drive a little ways to the northland of Kansas City and give it a try. The amazing flavor in each bite is completely worth it!

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