Monday, September 3, 2012

Pizzeria Locale

And finally, the last installment of  The Great Neapolitan Pizza Quest (at least for now)! This last stop wasn’t originally planned but on our trek back to KC, we happened to be in Boulder and we couldn’t pass up one more pizza stop. So without further ado …

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Pizzeria Locale

Pizzeria Locale is located downtown Boulder at 1730 Pearl Street. The first thing we immediately loved when walking into Pizzeria Locale was their d├ęcor.  (Due to my lack of energy and motivation from so much time on the road, unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures besides oven and pizza).  But some things we really liked were the subway tiling behind the oven, the large area of bar seating in view of the pizza making, the simple clean color scheme, and the great attention to detail.

They were really busy upon arriving and thankfully, we got the last two seats right in front of the oven – our favorite place to be!

pizzeria locale 2pizzeria locale5 Pizzeria Locale

As if you haven’t guessed it by now … we got a marinara and margherita pizza. Cook time at Pizzeria Locale was approximately 87 seconds.

pizzeria locale 4pizzeria locale 3

The Quick Stats (Erik’s notes)

Oven: Stefano Ferrera

Cook Time: Approximately 87 seconds.

Dough: This dough had a high hydration accompanied by a cold rise method; looked cold and a bit stiff to the touch.

Taste: We found that the crust at Pizzeria Locale was just slightly underdone compared to the other Neapolitan pizzerias we visited on our trip, and would have preferred a bit more char. (I must add, though, we’re likely the only ones who have ever asked for more char, ha). The ingredients were still all delicious!

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We’re happy we were able to make Pizzeria Locale our last stop on The Great Neapolitan Pizza Quest!

Thanks for following along, and hopefully you will be seeing more Neapolitan pizza very soon one way or another
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