Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We've moved!

Hey everyone! Who’s enjoying this fall weather as much as me?? Yes!

Wanted to stop in and give an update and say HI. I may have appeared to vanish, but I promise, I’m still around!  Aside from a super busy work week, I’ve been missing because WE JUST MOVED!

But don’t worry, not away from Kansas CityWinking smile

We’ve been north of the river for about two years now and beings how we’re pretty much always downtown, our goal has been to end up there. Well … everything finally fell into place, and here we are … by day and by night:

photo 408411_447431375295808_323007523_n

Yes, we are so happy to now have the Kauffman as our new view, and good friends right across the hall, with more just down the street! It’s still a bit surreal. We went to dinner at Blue Bird with our new neighbors and for lunch today Erik and I went to Westside Local … okay, nothing out of the ordinary for us except WE WALKED.

I could get used to this.

Lots of things coming up including a recap of the Greek Festival (with giveaway!) and all about Day 1 of this past weekend’s Caffeine Crawl!


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