Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Caffeine Crawl: Benetti's

Onward with the Crawl!

The second stop of the Crawl brought us to Benetti’s in Raytown.
Benetti’s Coffee Experience
I had never been to Benetti’s before and enjoyed hearing what they’re all about. One thing that is very evident is how great Kansas City’s coffee scene is! As owner Ben Helt said, one thing he has learned is to never underestimate the Midwest palette.
Benetti’s is located in Raytown at 6109 Blue Ridge Blvd and has been open since 2007. They’re a locally owned and independent coffee roaster “committed to providing neighbors and guests with a fresh experience using longstanding traditions”.  They’re dedicated to delicious coffee, a cozy and friendly atmosphere, and have house made goodies as well as lunch items. Hours are Monday through Thursday 6-9, Fridays 6-10, Saturday 7-10 and Sundays 8-9.
Benetti's Coffee Experience on Urbanspoon
The Crawl topic at Benetti’s was coffee unplugged.
We all went out back the coffee shop to find a camp fire, tents and a pot of boiling water. Nick (left below) and Ben (right below) went over the logistics of coffee brewing with no equipment whatsoever besides a good ole campfire. The amount of time in the boiling pot of water along with the ground size will affect how the coffee turns out but when you’re working with so many different elements you can’t really control (fire heat, size, amount of smoke, etc) in the “unplugged” environment results always vary.
And though I don’t have any plans to be “unplugged” for awhile, this presentation was a lot of fun and I’m glad to have gotten in on a little of Benetti’s Coffee Experience!

Next up … One More Cup!



  1. Ben Helt is a great guy that has brought a really cool place to gather in a town with very few options!

  2. Ben Helt is the real deal. His vision and passion for all things coffee has brought a really cool place to a community that really needed one! Way to go Ben!


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