Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Caffeine Crawl: Parisi

Okay … better late than never.  We continue to settle nicely into our new abode, and I’m loving that the weather has welcomed us with cool breezes and orange autumn leaves! Perhaps I’ll post some pictures one of these days.

But right now … time for the Caffeine Crawl! First things first … what is the caffeine crawl?

Caffeine Crawl

The Caffeine Crawl originated right here in Kansas City by The LAB, founded by Jason Burton.  (It’s since moved onto many other cities so if you’re a non KC reader, there just might be a Crawl heading your way!) It’s created “to give enthusiasts of quality-driven coffee, tea, soda and chocolate a one-of-a-kind experience that has never been created. The Crawl is designed to give individuals an opportunity to learn, share and experience what the passionate baristas, tea soms, specialty coffee roasters and other local, artisan producers in their communities bring to the table.”

Erik and I attended Day 1 of the crawl, therefore we visited the following locations:
  • Parisi Roasting Facility
  • Benetti’s Coffee Experience
  • One More Cup
  • Broadway Roasting Company
  • Oddly Correct
  • Annedore’s Fine Chocolates
  • Crossroads Coffeehouse
And I thought, what  better time to brag about feature some of Kansas City’s best coffee shops, baristas, and local business owners on The Purple Carrot? First up … Parisi!



All 100 crawlers met at the Parisi roasting facility to begin the day. Our first lesson of the day, given by Kate Blackman of Parisi, was all about coffee processes and origins. She explained the difference between two types of processing; washed and natural and how each can have a significant impact on flavor. Natural processed coffees tend to have more body and lower acidity than their washed counterparts. We got to try a few samples of each to really be able to taste the difference for ourselves between these two processes.

Parisi began roasting coffee in Kansas City in 2006, founded by members of the Paris family, which established specialty food supplier, importer and manufacturer Paris Brothers Inc. In 2011, they added to their roasting facility a café in Union Station, open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekends.

Their small batch roasted coffee is served in many Kansas City area restaurants and can be purchased from their café, online, or from a number of retailers such as Costco, Hyvee, Cosentinos, Price Chopper, Hen House and Sun Fresh.

Parisi Café  on Urbanspoon

After our time at Parisi, we split up into four groups of 25, hopped on our buses and continued the crawl! Next up … Benetti’s.


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