Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I’ve had tons of fun being sick (NOT!) off and on the past few weeks so have not been on top of celebrating the Thanksgiving festivities or sharing recipes, etc. I really haven’t been sick in literally years so it was a bummer!  However, I woke up to a beautiful [cold] sunshiny day feeling very refreshed. Hopefully that was all of the sickness I will be feeling for many more years to come.

So just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend!


Did anyone brave the Black Friday sales?? I’m always too chicken for that!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Genessee Royale & Thanksgiving

Long time no blog!

I’ve really no good reason for bugging out for the past almost month (!!!) all I know is time flies. One moment it’s summer, the next it’s Halloween and all of a sudden you’re making plans for Christmas and the year 2013.  I hope not to stay away for so long again, and I’ve still got some backlogged posts to catch up on.

But for now, just wanted to check in and say … I’m here! 

This & That

A little this & that of what we’ve been up to this week. My very good friend was in town the other day and we got to hang out just about all day. I miss her! We started the morning with some breakfast at Genessee Royale.

I got the Farmer’s Toast. It was not only beautiful but very delicious!
 with roasted autumn vegetables, goat cheese and a sunny-wide up egg
photo (2) photo (3)

After breakfast, we hung out and got to take a lovely walk outside enjoying this beautiful fall weather!  The walk may or may not have even included some throwing of leaves.

408157_469140063124939_406643907_n 604116_469068106465468_136999483_n


And this past Wednesday, friends from church had an early Thanksgiving dinner together (similar to last year). Erik and I were on turkey duty. Along with turkey, we brought mashed potatoes and quick & easy mini cinnamon rolls. It was a great night with tons of food!

photo photo (1)

Speaking of Thanksgiving, what are you cooking this year??


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