Sunday, April 21, 2013


Well I think it’s become pretty apparent that I’m likely NOT going to start posting more often on The Purple Carrot after all.  (At least for now).

Our house renovation and baby growing is still underway, meanwhile we’re still crashing with Erik’s mom.  Our goal is the be in the new house in June or July, as baby is due August 25th.  And then once baby arrives I’m sure I’ll be quite busy, especially at first, as we adjust into our new home and new life with our extra addition!

So until further notice, I’ll be popping in here and there with updates and random posts.  Food WILL return though, I promise! Perhaps I’ll get some posts in while I try out our new kitchen before baby and if not, certainly sometime afterwards. 

Follow Along

Until then, if you so desire, please follow along our baby journey on Purple Carrot Kids! I update at least once a week over there and post updates from both Purple Carrot blogs can be found on Facebook and Twitter.  Thanks for hanging in there with us as we transition into this new chapter of life!

Lawrence: 715

A week ago my parents came to town and we spent a day in Lawrence just for something to do.  Where do we stop to eat in Lawrence? 715, of course.  I got the sausage pizza and Erik got a fish special.

715 2 715

And finally ... us!

Hopefully I'll be back soon to share what we're doing to our house!


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