Sunday, March 2, 2014

il Lazzarone

If you keep up with The Purple Carrot on Facebook or Instagram, the following is not new to you but if not, guess what?


Yep, this is happening! For years now Erik has been toying with opening a pizza place and even almost bought a building in Kansas City a little over a year ago when we lived there but it just never quite worked out. Fast forward through our move back to St Joe, our house remodel (which is still in the works even though we live there now), a new precious baby aaaand here we are!

This niche restaurant will be an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria called il Lazzarone. (I know, I'm sure the concept is shocking after how little we talk about pizza around here ;) It's not like we road tripped around the US just to eat pizza or anything).

Il Lazzarone: What is the meaning of il Lazzarone, you ask?
There is a lot in our name. The name represents not only a class of people but a way of life. Pizza started out as a peasant food. The il lazzarone or lazzaroni was seen to be this peasant class of people in Naples originating around 1770. Though the lazzarone were poor, they were known for living completely free, content, satisfied. The lazzarone avoided the rat race. They worked but they laughed. They worked but they rested. They worked but they stopped and ate… frequently. The only thing a lazzarone would eat was pizza and melon (accompanied of course by wine). They loved life, they lived freely, and most of all, they seized the moment.
That is what we wish to offer and convey. Come seize the moment, put your day on hold if just for 30 minutes, and come. Come to the table were you can experience both art and authenticity through food, wine and atmosphere.

Where? il Lazzarone will be opening at 1628 Frederick Avenue in Saint Joseph, Missouri.

When? We’re currently making progress on the work that needs to be completed on the inside and our Acunto oven is on its way here from Naples. Tentatively, we’ll be opening Spring 2014.
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Coming up Coming up soon is a post on what you can expect to find at il Lazzarone!


  1. Very cool! Just FYI, though - the sign says "Neopolitan," but it's actually spelled "Neapolitan."

    1. Thanks for the comment and FYI! Yes, we're aware of this mistake and are in process of having it corrected :)

  2. Wow your way up there, I am in Joplin but go to KC will have to try to come up when you open good luck. Hope to open one myself after doing mobile for a bit.

  3. Can't wait! I'll be traveling back to St. Joe in July and can't wait to stop by! Excited for you and praying for lots of success with this new venture!

  4. Good luck with this new venture! It must feel great for you guys to finally go through with it. I hope you have fixed everything in your new building by now, and that your town's newest pizza parlor is raking in the customers. Cheers!

    Sheldon Ward @ Brett Halvorson & Associates


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