Junk Removal and Recycling Business to Expand in Canada

Can waste can be transformed into wealth. A few enterprising businesspersons operating in Canada believe that junk removal is an economic sector ripe with opportunity. Other business operations such as dumpster rental and the sale or leasing of garbage bins are also considered to be profitable options for those who have the right entrepreneurial spirit.

Here are some examples of Canadian companies that are betting on junk removal, recycling and similar business activities that are bound to generate handsome profits in 2017:

Recycling Mattresses in British Columbia

As much as we would like mattresses to last a lifetime, they often don’t; chiropractors and orthopedic doctors recommend purchasing new mattresses every few years, and this recommendation seems to be actively heeded during the holidays.

Getting a new mattress as a Christmas gift can certainly make the holidays more joyous; however, must recipients of these nice gifts do not think much about disposal of their old mattresses, which are often placed on the sidewalk or curb on Boxing Day in the hopes that a needy person or family will give them a new purpose.

In British Columbia, a businessman from Mitchell Island has been making a good living out of recycling mattresses since 2008. It so happens that mattresses are a problem for landfills due to their bulk, which is why waste management operators in Vancouver are glad to have a local entrepreneur helping them.

Mattresses have lots of recycling material: the soft foam filling can be used to make carpet underlay while the quilted coverings can be made into industrial cloth. Some other material that can be recovered from box springs and beds include wood as well as steel.

Finding Wealth in the Gutter

The junk removal business is places such as Fall River and Vancouver has been paying off nicely for the Junk-It brand, which is well-known across Toronto. The founder of that brand started off picking up unwanted bulk items before he decided to partner with other companies that provide garbage bins and dumpster rental services.

Trash hauling was the first step for the GOT-JUNK brand, which has been able to combine related services that Canadian homeowners feel comfortable requesting from a familiar provider. These days, the brand takes advantage of trucks being dispatched to pick up unwanted items; homeowners can now request power washing and gutter clean up services to be completed at the same time the trash is being hauled away.

In the end, the dirty business of trash removal and recycling has a green future in Canada. As much as we would like to reduce the amount of garbage we produce, it is only bound to increase in the next few years.

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