What You Should Know About Professional Weed Control Services

As a homeowner, having the best lawn means zero tolerance for unsightly weeds. Since you probably want the invaders gone, you might be dreaming of a permanent solution to the problem. You may even have developed backaches in your quest to have a green and perfect lawn. Although your efforts to banish weeds from your yard may have failed, engaging professional weed control services is one of the smartest ways to prevent pervasive weeds from taking over your lawn. However, having a little knowledge goes a long way towards ensuring you choose the best weed control company. Below are some of the things you should know about weed control services before reaching out.

Other services offered
Apart from preventing the spread of pervasive weeds, many of the professional weed control service providers offer integrated pest management services as well. Pest management services include:
• Complete pest eradication.
• Identification and removal of factors that promote infestation.
• Identification of entry points.
• Repair of deficiencies to minimize future infestation.
• Evaluation of external pressures to determine the necessity of a proactive program.

Type of weed control product needed
Aside from the fact that products used for pest and weed control must be EPA approved, weed control products are classified into the following categories:
• Broadleaf
• Pre-emergent

A broadleaf weed control application is necessary when the weeds growing in your yard are already visible. Broadleaf weed control products are ideally designed to kill the weeds growing in lawns but not the grass. However, too much of this product will most certainly damage your turf.

Pre-emergent weed control products are designed to stop the seeds of weeds from growing beyond germination. As such, this type of product is best suited for eliminating the little weed shoots that grow early in the planting season. A pre-emergent weed control application will knock down the weed buds shooting up between your grass blades. You can, therefore, eliminate the weeds preparing to grow and mature in the coming days and weeks. For more information, there are additional resources available at Weed Man USA.

Practicing proper lawn care is your best defense against weeds
You will see fewer weeds if you practice proper lawn care and keep your yard healthy. Thick and healthy grass tends to choke sprouting weed seeds. With thick grass, weeds will have access to very little sunlight, air, and water, reducing their chances of survival. You can prevent the growth of pervasive weeds by setting a precise watering, trimming, aerating, and fertilizing schedule for your lawn.

Why you should hire professional weed control services
Incorrect application of herbicides can lead to severe damage, which usually happens when homeowners try to handle weed control issues by themselves. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, professional weed control companies often provide the best lawn care results regardless of whether you need broadleaf or pre-emergent weed control. Engaging a professional is, therefore, advisable.

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