Windows and Doors are Efficient Gateways To Activity

Windows and doors get a great deal of use in any home. These portals to the outside world provide security, safety, access to the world, privacy, protection from weather extremes, and outsider access to the home. These home essentials are often taken for granted, but they provide many critical home functions within the home and between exterior and interior environments. Energy-efficient doors and windows can save homeowners considerable expense in utility bills since nearly 35 percent of home heating and cooling loss is caused by inefficient doors and windows.

Window and door installation must be fitted very precisely for security and energy efficiency. If the door does not fit exactly, then there might be problems with opening and closing functions. Replacement windows require proper caulking, paneling, and trimming. Professional installers will eliminate these worries, and licensed craftsmen provide warranties that give consumers an additional level of protection.

Homeowners choosing to replace windows and doors must decide whether to replace only the window or replace the frame and window. The choice might be made by assessing the frame’s condition. Old, rotted, or leaky frames should be replaced for more secure and efficient thermal protection. Many types and styles of windows include some of the following choices.

Vinyl. Vinyl windows are the least expensive and provide good insulating qualities. Vinyl is easy to maintain and keep clean, and they come in several colors. They are not very eco-friendly, however, and cannot be painted, so color choice is limited.
Wood. Wood windows are classic and ideal for period restorations and older homes. Wood comes in many styles and designs, often representing the finest window companies have to offer. Windows must be finished against weather damage, however, and maintained yearly. Wood can be painted, stained, varnished, shellacked, and finished in multiple ways.
Aluminum. Aluminum windows were once the cheapest treatments, but high-end models are now available that provide stylish design. Some condos and commercial buildings require aluminum to match other treatments. The material is easy to maintain, durable, and comes in multiple colors. However, aluminum conducts heat well, which means it does not provide effective thermal protection.
Fiberglass. This material combines some of the attractive features of other materials. Fiberglass insulates well, is easy to maintain, and can be painted. The material stands up well in salt-water environments in coastal areas.
New window and door installation makes homes more comfortable by keeping heat and cool air inside. Doors come in many styles and finishes to enhance home décor. Doors may be between inside and outside environments, or they might strictly be used indoors between rooms. Popular choices include the following styles.

Wood. Wood doors provide the luxury of gorgeous hardwood, but they require some maintenance to keep in top condition.
Glass. Glass doors can make an incredible artistic statement and be made of clear, frosted or stained glass. Sculptured designs, sandblasted artwork, and commercial applications often distinguish these doors.
Iron. Iron is often used in combination with heavy wood and glass to create stunning doorways that provide great security as well.
Vinyl. Vinyl doors are often used internally between rooms or as sliding patio doors. The material also makes excellent French doors.
Fiberglass. This material can imitate wood so well that many people cannot tell the difference. The material is extremely resistant to corrosion and has great insulating properties.
Aluminum. Aluminum doors are often used for screen doors and patio applications. Color choice, durability, and ease of maintenance are major benefits.
Fiberboard. Doors made of fiberboard are often used internally between rooms and for molding. The material is composed of soft and hard wood fibers, wax and resin.
Louver. These doors often are used for closets and alcoves, and they simulate the look of shutters.

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